Your edition of this book may contain errors in the following patterns; the corrections for these errors appear in bold type:

Sorting Hat (first and second printings): Page 36, materials list, third paragraph under Needles should read: One 24″ (60 cm) long circular needle size US6 (4 mm).

Swatchless Watch Cap (first, second, and third printings): Page 42, first sentence in the fourth paragraph should begin: Repeat Rnds 7-10, increasing 7 sts every other rnd, until piece measures desired width…

Medallion Caps (first, second, and third printings): Page 45, second sentence under Crown should begin: Begin I-Cord (see page 10)

Radmila’s Slippers (first printing): Page 55, Right Slipper, Shape Toe (second sentence from the bottom of the page) should read: Repeat Rnds 1 and 2 until 1 st remains in Section 6, ending with Rnd 2 — 80 (86) sts remain.

Octopi (first printing): Page 75, Yarn Choices Size Large (end of first paragraph under Yarn Choices) should read: O-Wool Legacy Bulky (100% Certified Organic merino wool; 106 yards/100 grams): 4 hanks #3212 Sprig.

Heel-Up Socks (first, second, and third printings): Page 64, Diagram 1, the bottom label should read 88 Stitches. Diagram 2, the bottom label should read 55 stitches on hold.

Dahlia Blanket (first, second, and third printings): Page 95, third column, fifth paragraph should read: Repeat Rnds 3 and 4 until there is only 1 st between beginning of each section and Color C marker — 528 sts (48 sts in each section).

Isosceles Shawl (first, second, and third printings): Page 105, sixth paragraph should read: Repeat Rnds 7 through 14 twelve times, increasing 28 sts (4-8-12-4) with each repeat — 393 sts (54-113-167-59 sts).

Spiral Petal Shawl (first, second, and third printings): Page 109, Rows 41-43 should read: Row 41: Repeat Row 11 of First Wave — 335 sts. Row 43: Slip 1, k6, *[k1-yo-k1] in same st, k7; repeat from * to end — 407 sts.

Acknowledgments (first printing): Page 160. I neglected to acknowledge one of the knitters who lent her talents to completing the projects. Thank you again, Amy Parker.

If you believe you may have found an error, please contact me.

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